UHMW - PE Film

DeWAL Industries has led the industry in skiving thin gauge UHMW-PE film (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). Employing skiving equipment developed in house, we continue to press the envelope of technology to assure the highest quality film available today.

DeWAL UHMW (DW 402) is used in a broad array of applications from auto squeak and rattle tape, to chemical and hydraulic hose inner and outer liners. UHMW exhibits excellent physical, chemical, mechanical and abrasion resistance properties.

UHMW has very low coefficient of friction and is used in sliding bearing applications where load and temperature are not high. DeWAL manufactures UHMW film from 0.003 to 0.060 thick and widths up to 50. We find that UHMW is used in belting as a structural support layer, and also in automotive rubber profiles as a wear and friction reducing layer. Our DW 402 family of products consists of natural, black and conductive black films.

Each of these have uses in all the applications listed above for different reasons. The natural UHMW material carries with is FDA and USDA compliance characteristics. The conductive fillers are used to enhance static dissipation in hose and other applications.


Products & Industries   DeWAL Products
Hose Industry   DW402 DW402B DW402BNC DW404BNC DW405BNC
Belt Industry   DW402 DW402B DW402BNC DW404BNC DW405BNC
Rubber Profile   DW402 DW402B DW402BNC DW404BNC DW405BNC
Automotive   DW402 DW402B DW402BNC DW404BNC DW405BNC
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