New UHMW-PE Films Target Applications Requiring Pigmentation, UV Resistance

enhanced uhmw-pe filmsWe’re very excited to unveil three enhanced UHMW-PE products:

DW406BF – Developed for hose lining or other contact areas for potable water, pharmaceutical applications and cosmetic manufacturing, along with more traditional hydraulic and chemical hose. Pigmented black with fillers that are FDA compliant.

DW406WF – A companion material to DW406BF that’s pigmented white using FDA-compliant fillers. DW406WF is suitable for the same applications as DW406BF.

DW402UV – Developed specifically for environments where UV is present by incorporating UV-resistant fillers into natural UHMW-PE, which is not inherently tolerant of UV light.

The new films offer the same excellent physical, chemical, mechanical and abrasion resistance and a low coefficient of friction that make UHMW-PE a great choice for rubber hose, profile and belt applications in severe service environments. This extremely versatile engineering material also carries FDA and USDA compliance characteristics.

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