• DW 200 Modified Homopolymer PTFE

  • Material with the highest amount of comonomer

  • Improved Electrical and Physical Properties

  • Will bond to itself at 625 to 650° F

  • Chemical Resistance similar to Homopolymer PTFE

  • Can be used as an adhesive layer in applications in circuit board and belting applications

DW200 220 PTFE

DW 200 is a skived modified homopolymer PTFE that contains a percentage of a fully fluorinated comonomer. The incorporation of the comonomer yields a material with improved electrical and physical properties along with the ability to be thermally bonded (fused) to itself. In order to accomplish this, the material must be fused at temperatures between 625 – 650 degrees F.

The modified homopolymer resin exhibits chemical resistance equivalent to that of homopolymer PTFE. Tensile strength is approximately 25% higher, and the elongation is approximately 60% higher than for standard homopolymer PTFE.

Because of these properties DW 200 is often a good substitute for melt Processable films such as FEP and PFA..

DW 200 may be thermally fused to itself making possible the fabrication of structures requiring these properties

DW 200 can also be used as a high dielectric strength fusible wrap in electrical and electronic cable applications. Applications have also been found in use as a bonding film in the circuit board and belting industries.