DeWAL DW 2000

  • Virgin Skived PTFE

  • Available as Thin as .0005"

DW 2000 is a skived PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) film held to close tolerance on width and thickness.

DW 2000 conforms to ASTM D 3308 Type II as well as to SAE AMS 3662C.

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DW 2000 skived PTFE finds use in electrical applications where high temperature service rating and/or superior electrical properties are desired.

This material is often used as a release film in the production of high temperature flex circuit materials, as well as in the production of microwave circuit materials where it is seen as both a release film and a bonding film.

DW 2000 skived PTFE is used as a release liner for the molding of composite structures.