DeWAL DW 220

  • Modified Homopolymer PTFE

  • Increased Tensile Strength

  • Higher Elongation

DW200 220 PTFE

A Skived PTFE film that is produced from a modified homopolymer PTFE resin containing less than 1% of a fully fluorinated comonomer. The incorporation of the comonomer yields a material with improved electrical and physical properties.

DW 220 PTFE film can be thermally fused to itself. The modified homopolymer resin exhibits chemical resistance equivalent to that of a standard homopolymer PTFE.

Its tensile strength is approximately 10% higher and the elongation is approximately 30% higher than for a standard homopolymer PTFE.

With its ability to be heat fused, DW 220 PTFE film finds applications in the convoluted PTFE hose industry as an inner liner material.