DW 233M

  • Excellent Dielectric Characteristics

  • Crush Resistant

DW233M low density PTFE

DW 233M is a low density standard grade, extruded, unsintered, highly porous, pure PTFE product.

It has the inherent properties of PTFE: exceptional chemical resistance, extreme temperature range from -400 to +500°F, low coefficient of friction, excellent drape characteristics and non-stick properties.

It has excellent electrical properties with low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor. It is ideal for wire and cable applications.

DW 233M unsintered PTFE is ideal for applications such as binder tape, signal transmission cable, computer wire, microwave, process filtration, battery and fuel cell separators and instrument wiring.

It is also usable in the chemical process industry for gaskets, expansion joints, valve seals and diaphragms.