• Excellent Dielectric Properties

  • low Coefficient of Friction

    ow Coefficient of Friction

  • Exceptional Drape Qualities

DW 253M is a low density, premium grade extruded unsintered pure expanded PTFE product.

It has the inherent benefits of PTFE: exceptional chemical resistance, extreme temperature range from -400 to +500°F, low coefficient of friction, excellent drape characteristics and non-stick properties. It has excellent dielectric constant and low dissipation factor.

This product is excellent for wire and co-axial cable applications.

DW253M is ideal for applications such as co-axial cable, signal transmission cable, computer wire, microwave, process filtration, battery and fuel cell separators; instrument wiring and noninvasive medical applications.

It is also usable in the chemical process industry for gaskets, expansion joints, valve seals and diaphragms.

Excellent for close tolerance, splice free applications.