Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeWAL Industries ISO certified?

Yes, DeWAL is registered for ISO 9001:2015; valid through March 29, 2021
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What is meant by skived?

Skiving is the process of shaving a solid mass, or billet (cylinder), into a continuous thin film. These thin films are held to close thickness tolerance.

What is the shelf-life of DeWAL’s adhesive tape products?

DeWAL’s products have a shelf-life of one year from date of manufacture when stored at the recommended conditions of 70°F, 50% relative humidity.

Where are DeWAL’s products manufactured?

All of DeWAL’s manufacturing takes place in Narragansett, RI, USA.

Are DeWAL’s Films FDA compliant?

DeWAL’s skived virgin PTFE and UHMW-PE films and pigmented DW406BF and DW406WF are manufactured with materials which are FDA compliant as reported to DeWAL by the raw material suppliers.

Other Questions

What is PTFE?

PTFE is the abbreviation for the chemical name polytetrafluoroethylene. The DeWAL skived films produced from PTFE resins are extremely weather resistant, have surfaces with very low friction and can withstand very high and low temperatures.

What is UHMW?

UHMW is the common abbreviation for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Often the full nomenclature is seen as UHMW-PE. This material is similar to PTFE in that it produces a slick surface material which is highly chemically resistant, low friction and wear resistant.

What’s the difference between PTFE and UHMW-PE?

The major feature difference with PTFE is that UHMW-PE cannot withstand the higher temperature range as the PTFE.

What DeWAL Products are best used in high UV conditions?

PTFE is inherently UV resistant, but UHMW-PE can also be made UV resistant with the use of fillers or additives.

What DeWAL products are best used for friction reduction?

The actual operating conditions will determine the best DeWAL product for each individual application. On their own, DeWAL’s PTFE and UHMW-PE films are often the go-to choices, however fillers can also be added to enhance the effectiveness of either film when extreme load conditions are present.

Is there an invisible tape for wear protection?

DeWAL manufactures an optically clear UHMW-PE tape with acrylic adhesive. This tape offers the low friction and wear resistance characteristics of UHMW-PE but in an adhesive tape form. This tape will allow writing, graphics and labeling to be seen clearly and extends their life in high wear situations.