High-Performance Fluoropolymer Solutions

From the insulation of the internal wire and cable to the films used as process aids in the composite manufacture of outer wings, DeWAL’s PTFE films and adhesive tapes are found throughout the Aerospace Industry. The precise Quality Control of DeWAL’s manufacturing systems keeps DeWAL’s products in high demand.

Unmatched dimensional accuracy is standard with all DeWAL products.
DeWAL skived PTFE, unsintered PTFE, expanded PTFE and adhesive PTFE tape are all used in various places in high temperature wire and cable. DeWAL also produce some unique laminate structures that are used in flat and plenum cables. Low density PTFE (ePTFE) is used in areas where weight reduction has become a critical design criteria.

Silicone-free adhesive tapes employing high temperature acrylic adhesives are used in the Composite Industries as manufacturing aids and release liners. These tapes were developed in response to the need to eliminate silicone contamination.

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