Automotive Squeak and Rattle Abatement

Reduce Wind Noise. Dampen Irritating Rattles.
Eliminate Surface-to-Surface Movement.

DeWAL noise reduction tapes are manufactured from UHMW-PE or ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. The main feature of our anti-squeak tape is its ability to reduce irritating noise and also potentially harmful wear due to the direct contact of surfaces within the automobile. In vehicles where materials rub against each other during travel or movement the driver can hear a “squeak or rattle” especially in areas of the dashboard. The solution to this noise and friction damage between panels is UHMW-PE.

Our UHMW-PE anti-squeak tape is coated with a long life acrylic adhesive system. Manufactured on an 84lbs Kraft paper liner it is ideal for all your shape die-cutting. UHMW-PE is available in a natural or black film color.

Approved by GM, Ford and Chrysler

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