DeWAL DW 204 Series

  • 101T*, 204-3*, 204-5* UL recognized

  • Low friction, non-stick surface

  • High heat, 500°F, resistance

  • Available in 2,3,5 and10 mil varieties

DW204 series tape

These products are pressure sensitive tapes using skived PTFE film with a high temperature silicone adhesive. The PTFE film tape lines designated with an “asterisk” are UL recognized components.
(UL File no. E179854)

This series of PTFE film tape is used in electrical applications such as coil wraps, separators, transformer, slot liners and harness wrapping where good insulation and heat resistance properties are needed. It also is used in mechanical applications requiring high temperature resistance, a low friction surface or a non-stick surface.