Thermal Spray Tapes

Responsive, Innovative Tapes Solving Difficult Masking Problems

Our Thermal, Plasma and HVOF tapes are free of carbonizing materials and form a protective mask for metal or ceramic plasma spraying, arc spraying, HVOF and grit blasting. They have the approvals of companies like GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and other major aircraft engine, automotive and medical manufacturers.

Engineered to aggressively adhere, our thermal spray masking tapes ensure sharp edges but remove quickly and cleanly. These products are available in single- and double-ply options. Our double-ply tapes perform in the most severe applications, providing an economical solution to multi-layer masking.

DeWAL thermal spray tapes protect mission-critical pieces from overspray and splash, even in the most unrelenting bombardments, no matter what the angle of spray, the base metal, the temperature or the substrate.

DeWAL is responsive to the needs of the Thermal Spray Industry, constantly looking for innovative products to solve difficult masking problems.

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