PTFE based material for use in self lubricating seals

Stamped Dynaglide® PTFE

Low Friction Wear Reduction Coatings and Tapes
For over 40 years DeWAL has worked alongside engineers like you to develop specialized, high performance PTFE Coatings for Bearing surfaces.

Dynaglide® is a family of specially formulated and compounded PTFE materials. The Dynaglide is skived into sheets. It can be used in sheet form, or stamped into shapes.
These custom shapes are used as bearings or seals to Lower Friction and Reduce Wear. They can be based on PTFE or UHMW-PE as the primary ingredient.

        • Dynaglide DW601 – Glass Filled PTFE bearing and seal material
        • Dynaglide DW602 – Glass Filled PTFE bearing material
        • Dynaglide DW602BT – Standard 602 material, 0.008″ thick with PS adhesive
        • Dynaglide DW611 – Carbon Graphite filled
        • Dynaglide DW612 – Special Graphite filled PTFE
        • Dynaglide DW631 – All polymeric filled PTFE
        • Dynaglide DW633 – All polymeric filled PTFE
        • Dynaglide DW645 – Proprietary low wear filled PTFE
        • Dynaglide DW646 – Proprietary mineral filled PTFE

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