Unsintered PTFE

Produced Through A Paste Extrusion Process

Unsintered PTFE is produced through a paste extrusion process. The Film has a density about 70% that of skived or fully sintered PTFE film and the primary applications for unsintered or extruded PTFE film is insulation for high temperature wire & cable.



High Performance UNI-PORE UHMW Materials

At DeWAL, we have focused our experience in precision polymer specialty films to create new laminates combining PORO-TEX with several other substrates. When your filtration and venting applications demand the fine pore size of ePTFE but assembly operations require the strength of other materials, turn to us. DeWAL’s PORO-TEX can be bonded to virtually any surface, such as UNI-PORE (UHMW-PE), polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, Kevlar® and glass fabric, among others.

UNI-PORE has a planar surface ideal for use as backing in a laminate. It will not pierce the ePTFE membrane, as nonwoven spun bound materials can. In addition, DeWAL has developed the technology needed to manufacture laminates without adhesives, thereby enhancing chemical resistance and eliminating added extractables. The composite of PORO-TEX and UNI-PORE withstands the rigors of handling and die cutting. With its UNI-PORE backer, the laminate is pleatable, making it ideal for high-performance filtration applications.

Wire & Cable

Medical Products

Porous Products

High Performance Porous Materials

At DeWAL, we have focused our experience in precision Porous materials. Our high performance micro-porous specialty films are produced from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) . The process yields a material with highly uniform pore structure in the X, Y and Z directions. Application areas include gas and liquid filtration, medical diagnostic test kits, wicks, low dielectric constant wrap for microwave cables, batteries, membranes for sensors and gas detection and other applications where porosity, inertness, toughness and accuracy of gauge are important.

Porous Materials

Hose Industry

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